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3 Popular Home Siding Options

The siding on your home is one of those details that can alter the entire look of your home. It’s also often overlooked, because homeowners aren’t aware of the many options available to them. Do you prefer bevel, channel, or board and batten Orange Park Fl siding? You probably wouldn’t know if asked.

This is why today we will discuss these three popular siding options. With this information in hand, you can make a more informed decision when either redesigning your exterior or building your dream home. 

Bevel Siding: The Unique Option

Bevel siding is created with lumber which is re-sawed at an angle. This creates one edge which is thicker versus the other. It can be either rough textured or smooth, depending on what you like best. It is installed horizontally which presents a unique shadow line.

Board & Batten Siding: The Rustic Option

board and batten Orange Park Fl

Board and batten is created using cedar boards spaced with similar yet thinner boards covering where the two areas join. This presents a rustic appearance, which is very customizable. The boards can be installed horizontal or vertical, and you can make use of rough or smooth boards.  

Channel Siding: The Elegant Option

Channel siding is an always popular subtype of lap siding that can be customized in countless ways for a large variety of looks. You can choose not only to have the siding installed horizontal or vertical, but also diagonal.  The boards overlap one another just slightly when placed on your home, for an elegant option with a rustic cabin feel.

Although there are many other types of siding, and even more subtypes, these are three of the most popular available options to homeowners. Each has a distinct feel to its style, so homeowners are able to choose the one which best represents them and the look they are aspiring to.